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FREE Energy Advice Training Sessions

With the huge rise in energy bills, many households are struggling to cope with the rising living costs. Free training is offered to any frontline workers and volunteers working with people that may be struggling to heat their home adequately. Simple advice such as understanding energy bills and different tariffs, reading the meter, and accessing […]

Struggling to cope with the rising cost of living?

Many households have told us they were already struggling to stay on top of household bills; with food shop not stretching as far anymore and now energy bills are going up too.  First of all, you are not alone in this and there’s support to help you.  It’s always worth checking if there are benefits you don’t know about that you’re eligible for, including […]

Rising Energy Bills

Most households are expecting to see their energy bills rise by a staggering 54% in April 2022 (unless they in a fixed deal). On average, that is a rise of more than £700 per year! Ofgem have risen the energy price cap on the price of each unit of energy and daily standing charges from […]

Worry about rising household bills?

Need help managing a tight budget in 2022? Firstly, find out exactly what money you have coming in and going out each month. Be realistic about what you need for essentials like food and travel. Then you can set yourself a budget that you can stick to – take a look at the budgeting tool […]

Avoiding Green Scams

Do you know how to stay safe, while going green? Recent research by Citizens Advice has found that in the East of England 64% of adults are thinking about making their homes more energy efficient in the next 12 months. But 31% said they have already been targeted by a green scam. Citizens Advice Diss, […]

WhatsApp Scam

How to avoid becoming the victim to a message-based scam According to research by WhatsApp, 59% of Brits say they or someone they know have received a message-based scam in the last year. There are been a rise in reports of friend-in-need scams — where a scammer poses as someone you know to get you […]

Is the person you’re paying, qualified to give the right advice?

I’ve paid for someone to advise me on housing and benefits. They’re well respected in my community and a lot of people pay for their advice, however, I don’t feel Iike I received the correct advice. I’ve received a few letters from the DWP and the person offering me advice is asking for even more […]

Addressing concerns about higher energy bills this winter

Citizens Advice charities in Norfolk providing energy advice to vulnerable consumers are warning of an increase in people struggling to pay their energy bills and turning to charities for help and support. A huge surge in wholesale gas prices and the energy price cap rise will continue to impact household energy bills and the increase […]

Have your plans for retirement been derailed by the pandemic?

People approaching retirement age were amongst those who lost jobs as a result of the pandemic. Some were self-isolating for long periods, due to vulnerabilities, and some are now not able or wanting to return to their previous occupations or full time work. As Furlough ends, some organisations are looking to make redundancies and people […]

Are your Bills and Debts building up?

If you’ve fallen behind on my bills and the debts are building up, where do you start? A great first step is asking for help, and it’s important to know you don’t need to face this alone. You can contact your nearest Citizens Advice for help. In the meantime, here are four steps you can […]