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Request for Advice

We provide advice over email for a variety of issues. Once you fill in our email form, someone from one of our local offices will contact you within 2-3 working days with a response to your enquiry.

If you need help applying for Universal Credit, knowing what benefits you are eligible for, or have a problem with Universal Credit before the first payment you should contact the Help to Claim team by phone or webchat here.

If the adviser is unable to resolve your query via email, they will pass your details on to your local office who will contact you by phone to arrange an appointment. Please provide sufficient detail of your enquiry in your email.

Data Protection

At Citizens Advice we must ask you for your consent to record, use, or share personal information. This form is used to do that. We have a legitimate interest to do this. When we record your personal information we will only access it when we have good reason, not sell it to commercial organisations and only share what is necessary and relevant. The information will be used to provide you with advice.

To help with your enquiry we may need to record details of your case.

We also need to seek consent to record special category data including ethnicity, details of disability and health conditions, religion, sexual orientation and trade union membership. It is not compulsory for you to reveal this information. If you do not wish to tell us any of the special category information you may leave that section of the form blank. If you agree this information will be used to give you advice, help gather data to improve our service and support research through anonymised reporting.

You information will be kept safe in our secure case management system and remain confidential unless exceptional circumstances require us to disclose information. This means we will only pass on the information if we believe there is a risk of you or someone else suffering serious harm or a serious crime is planned or has been committed.
It is mandatory for you to answer this question, If you select “No” we may not be able to advise you fully
It isn’t mandatory for you to answer this question
It isn’t mandatory for you to answer this question

Information about you

Tick for Yes or leave blank for No

Details of Issue*

Please provide the details of your enquiry with as much information as possible. The more we know about your circumstances the more we are able to help. If relevant, please include details of the following:

  • Important dates and deadlines, including the dates of any payments, letters or purchases
  • Any relevant amounts of money (including income, benefits, savings, inheritance, or other relevant figures)
  • Details of current personal circumstances relevant to your enquiry (such as any caring responsibilities you may have, whether you are in education, your employment status, etc)
  • Details of any documents you have attached
The following is a special category data that may assist in giving comprehensive advice on your enquiry. You do not need to fill in any sections you do not wish too.

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